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Fortuna 111 Jahre111 years FORTUNA – reason enough for a thank you and to take a look back at the last years.


The sun was shining from the clear blue sky and the guests came from near and far to celebrate our anniversary with us. We couldn’t have wished for a better day.


The event began with three cannon shots from the Württemberger field cannon fired by the citizen guard from Weil der Stadt wearing traditional uniforms. 


In the following speech, manager Tilo Ullmer, greeted the guests, coworkers and their families, former coworkers and helpers of the event.


He himself actively contributed to 11% of the company’s existence and its 111 years of history, and faced the challenge of carrying on this tradition.


In the past, present and future, Fortuna as one of the few remaining companies, is taking „Made in Germany“ literally. It is ambition and challenge at the same time to continue reacting successfully to the diverse customer requirements and the changes on the global market.


A good portion „schwäbisch“ was dished up by cabaret artist Alois Gscheidle. To all natives and foreigners he defined the typical „schwäbische-“ way of thinking and living in a very funny, subtle and „gscheid“ way.


For all attending ears the band „Chorus“ offered a wide range of musical entertainment as support for a conversation inside and around the marquee, but also something to dance to.


You also didn't have to stay hungry or thirsty. A big thank you to the caterer and his team and all other helpers. They made our day unforgettable.


They made our festival an unforgettable day.



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