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Fully automated multiple skiving machine of the new generation

Model NG 8 SC


Fortuna Roboter Bewegung Montage

Fully automated multiple skiving machine  with integrated lightweight robot

Fully automated skiving of individual limp materials (like e.g. leather precuts) with integrated lightweight robot for the automotive industry. Precise feeding and guiding of the material during the work process, magazine and grip technique as requested as well as quality control through industrial image data processing.

General charecteristics

  • Easy to use
  • Reday for industry 4.0
  • No housing or safety fence necessary
  • Stable, compact and space-saving construction
  • High equipment availability
  • Autonomous operation
  • Low-maintenance
  • Central touch screen
  • Conversion of existing Fortuna skiving machines NG6 possible
  • Future proof

Collaborating lightweight robot

  • 6-axle robot arm with a working radius of 1.300 mm
  • Working load 10 Kg
  • Speed at tool interface: approx. 1m/s
  • 15 advanced safety functions
  • Protection class: IP54
  • Comparatively quiet

Magazine technics

  • 4 magazine carriages to be loaded and unloaded individually
  • Control through VDA-material tags (adhesive label)
  • Marking by barcode
  • Automatic clocking up- or downwards

Smartwatch App NG6.4 (optional)

  • Starting and stopping a production order
  • Forward and rewind of single steps
  • Notification of relevant changes in state
  • Display of the current state of the equipment components
  • Chronologically sorted display of the process e.g. start / end of order, errors, disturbances etc.
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