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Historic highlights

Highest quality and workmanship for more than 100 years, are a trademark of our company. A company that has steadily grown - by a well-developed inventive genius and innovations that are in line with market requirements.


Albert Hirth, father of the known aviators Hellmuth and Wolf Hirth, and a Swabian “Leonardo Da Vinci“ founded the general partnership Fortuna Werke. Shortly after, the merchant Emil Lillienfein joins the company as a partner.

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Nearly at the same time of the invention of the Hirth-Minimeter - a sensor lever meassuring device for precision measurement - Fortuna’s first precision grinding spindle is launched. Moreover, Fortuna further develops its skiving machine.

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The general partnership Fortuna Werke Albert Hirth is changed into a limited liability company (GmbH). Employees from production, engineering and administration divisions are in leading and responsible positions.

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The production of the cold sawing machine is outsorced and transferred to a small factory in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim. This factory is founded as a corporation.

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Europe’s first cylindrical grinding machine is being presented and launched.

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Fusion of the Gmbh and AG to Fortuna Werke AG. Both product programs of grinding and skiving machines as well as the grinding spindles are further developed.

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After the company’s destruction by air raids, rebuilding begins and work is resumed once again. Both product programs for grinding and skiving machines as well as for grinding spindles are being improved and extended.

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A completely new leather skiving and splitting machine is being presented at the Pirmasens fair and introduced to its international visitors.

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Inauguration of the new Fortuna subsidiary plant in Weil der Stadt. Assemblies for skiving and splitting machines are transferred to here.

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More than 50.000 skiving machines and over 250 leather splitting machines have left the plant.

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More than 150.000 grinding splindles have left the plant. The splitting machine NAF 470 and the round grinding machines of the F-series are ready to be launched.

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Development of a new generation of HSC milling spindles.

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The first computer-controlled skiving machine CS4, worldwide, for the shoe and leather industries is introduced at the IMS in Pirmasens.

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The production division for grinding machines closes.

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New reorganization and firmation of the divisions leather and spindles:
Spindles --> Fortuna-Werke Maschinenfabrik GmbH
Leather --> Fortuna Spezialmaschinen GmbH

Two innovations are ready to be launched: the computer-controlled skiving machine CS3 as well as the HSC spindle M 120 AO 36/15.

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Both companies are being certified according to ISO 9001.

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Development of a new computer-controlled skiving machine CSP for the paper and packaging industry as well as a computer-controlled skiving machine CS6 for the shoe and leather goods industries.

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Development of new HF milling spindles with exchangeable plug-in spindles.

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A world novelty is being introduced at the IMS in Pirmasens: the network compatible skiving machine CSN1.

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The SPA750 with 750 mm splitting width complements the splitting machine program.

Fortuna Spezialmaschinen GmbH has found a new, strategic partner with PMF. The new 100% partner is active in similar market segments with its diversified product program, ideally complementing Fortuna‘s program. Subsequently, strategic growth perspectives are arising for both companies.

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Fortuna takes the first step into the construction of complete lines in the segment of beverage packaging in cooperation with their partner IPBM (Geneva)

New formation of the company structure. Foundation of the Ullmer Holding GmbH and the Ullmer Real Estate Managemet GmbH. The Holding possess from now on all share to 100% of the Fortuna Spezialmaschinen GmbH, PMF GmbH and the real estate management company.

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