Branches Application / Product Samples Machines
Automotive Steering wheels, seats, gearshift knobs, door panels, instrument panels, headliners, stencil gaps for airbags NG 6, NG 3, FSP 470, FSP 750
Leather Goods Belts, Bags, purses, watchband, dog collars, saddle NG 3, ES 50, AB 320, AN 400, FSP 470
Medicine Sterile sponge shrubs, allogeneic and xenogeneic cell tissue matrix Custom special machines on request
Paper & packaging Paper, beverage and food cartons, coffee mugs, milk cartons AB 320 P, CSP 4, Anlagenbau
Recycling Separating composites FSP 750
Rubber & plastics Blankets, diving suits, technical foams, conveyor belts, sponge cloths, cable sheathing, hoses, gaskets, foams, tires 50 KS-G, AB 320 G, NAF 470 G
Shoes Leather, shoes, leather soles NG 334 VK, V 34 S/KF, 34 S-AG/M, ES 50, AB 320, AN 400FSP 470
Textile Faux fur, natural fur, felt 50 KT-SA
Upholstered funiture Leather, leather with knitted fabric ES 50, NG 3

The development and production of our products directly at the company location allows us to specifically address your specific customer applications.
You are welcome to contact us directly