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34 VK
50 KK-S
50 KS-G
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ES 50
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SM 50
V 34 S KF

ES 50

Single scarf skiving machine with stepless electronic feed


Single scarf skiving machine for skiving up to 50 mm working width for shoes, leather goods and orthopedic industry.
The ES 50 allows to skive materials like leather, similar materials, technical textiles, laminated materials etc. The feed speed is variable adjustable in relation on material, skiving shape and operator skills to avoid production waste.


Technical data  
Skiving width (mm) up to 50
Skiving angle 0° - 20°
Skiving tool foot
Noise emission dB (A) 73
Feed speed (cm/sec) 0 - 85 stepless

Dimensions (cm)

length, width, height

126, 57, 126
Electrical power supply (kVA) 1
Net weight (kg) 180
Packing dimensions (cm)
Length, width, height
140, 72, 140

Machine description


  • Easy to service
  • Work table with suction and scrap box
  • Knife position indicator
  • Scrap ejector easily and quickly re-adjustable
  • User friendly grinding dust disposal through filter cassette
  • Low noise emission
  • Electronically adjustable feed speed preselected by potentiometer
  • Stepless electronically adjustable feed by foot pedal
  • Various accessories (presser rolls; feed rolls etc.) for different applications
  • Work lamp
  • Cover
  • Thickness gauge
  • Lubrication device
  • Pneumatic scrap removing device
  • Adjustable bell knife drive
  • Height adjustable work table
  • Reinforced suction device
  • Sliding table
  • Conversion kit CBN
  • Emergency stop
  • Milling tool for glue removal
  • Scrap basket