FKP 80.60
Double-table laminating press

The pneumatic laminating press is used to iron materials and for all other laminating work. Materials can be pressed hot (max 200 ° C) or cold. The pressing force is approx. 9.4 kN.

Operating principle

The operator places the materials to be pressed on one of the twosliding tables. Then the table is pushed into the press until it stops.With the help of the foot switch, the finger guard is lowered and the press closes. The pressing time is adjustable via a timer. When the set time has elapsed, the press opens automatically. During this time, the compressed parts can be removed from the second sliding table and also be re-equipped. This table is now pushed into the press and the parts of the first table can be removed.


Technische Daten

  Pressing area (mm)

800 x 600                           

  Operating pressure (bar)

max. 8

  Pressing force (kN)

9,4 (bei 6 bar)

  Power consumption (kVA)


  Temperature range (°C)

20 - 200

  Timer (sec.)

0 - 999
  Air consumption ca. 40 l
je Doppelhub
(6 bar)

  Net weight (kg)

ca. 320

  Dimensions length, width, height

1800, 1700, 1400

  Packaging dimensions length, width,
  height  (mm)
1500, 1900, 1600